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Super Dijest-It Concentrate


Super Dijest-It

Septic System Digester For Septic Systems and Drains

Concentrate For RV's and Boat Holding Tank and Bilge Treatment

Dog Waste Digester

Learn How To Dissolve and Eliminate Dog Poo With Our Proven Dog Waste Digester. Your Results Are Guaranteed With Our Super Dijest-It Environmentally Safe Formula.

Now a 3-In-1 Solution!

  • Septic System Digester
  • RV Holding Tank Treatment
  • Boat Holding Tank & Bilge Treatment

One-Of-A-Kind Professional Strength Formula.

Introducing 5th Generation Microbial Technology

The benefits of spore forming bacteria and non-spore forming microbes give the newest and most effective microbial technology available.

Seven strains give a much wider variety of microbial degradation than previously available in 3, 4 and 5 strain products.

Good producer of amylase, protease, lipase and cellulase. Primarily aerobic organism.

Facultative organism for degradation of fats, oils and greases. Spore former.

Facultative organism. Good producer of hydrolytic enzymes: pentasonase, pectinase, urease and xylanase. Spore former.

Excellent in digesting a variety of sugars and starches, utilizing a variety of amylases.

Broad spectrum producer of enzymes. Grows both aerobically and anaerobically.

Excellent bioaugmentation organism. Non-spore forming.

Increases solubility of oxygen in water. Helps in breakdown of hydrocarbons.

Professional Strength Chemicals, ideal for Septic Tank, RV and Boat Holding Tanks, and Pet Odor Elimination. Liquid Eating Machines!

Septic System Digesters, Septic Tank Chemicals are ideal solutions that save you time and money on septic systems, septic tank cleaning, septic tank maintenance, drain cleaners, holding tank maintenance, and pet odors and stains.

Super Dijest-It has 10-100 times more bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic) than most nationally advertised popular brands. RV and Boat Holding tank maintenance on RV Septic System and boats is easy because our Super Dijest-It formula will break down organic waste and eliminate odors.

With Super Dijest-It Septic System Chemicals you can renew septic systems, deodorize all drains, eliminate septic tank toilet smells, while reducing septic tank smell, use it weekly as a drain cleaner.

Professional Strength "12 to 1" Concentrate! An All Natural Secret, Another Nature's Miracle Pet Odor Formula. Remove pet odors with this liquid solution which will eliminate instantly pet stains and pet smells in carpet, upholstery, and hard surface areas.

A pet odor control product which can be diluted up to 12 to 1. Remove pet odor with this environmentally safe formula, liquid bacteria/enzyme pet odor remover. It attacks organic waste particles which cause pet stain and smell and breaks them down to a microscopic level.

Removing pet odor, eliminating pet stain, skunk odor removal, cat urine, and dog urine odor, is a simple easy solution. Unlike other enzyme products, Pet Odor Eliminator is sold as a concentrate, containing NO fillers, and may be mixed with water at a rate of up to 12 to 1.

Our liquid eliminator keeps your home clean and fresh, but still lets your puppy or dog keep its natural habitat. Unique Distributors knows our dog smell eliminator works on the toughest pet odor problems! Our pet odor removers for eliminating pet odors has been tested for successful results and will give you a fresh home or RV with every use. Feel free to contact customer service with any questions you have about our dog and cat smell eliminator, removing pet odors, and other indoor pet odor remedies.

We offer odor elimination products to help you rid your home of the unwanted indoor odor from unsuccessful puppy training attempts or the pet urine odor stench that may occur while house training a dog.

Puppy training or house training a dog can leave horrible pet urine odors all over the house. Of course, your new loved one never means any harm, but he does have a distinctive odor that isn't pleasant. Pet odor removal is one of the hardest things to accomplish in your home or RV. If you're a new pet owner, please understand that without a pet odor remover for pet odor elimination, the horrific odor may linger in your clothing and home, and settle into your carpet permanently.

Unique Distributors has the strongest dog, cat and skunk odor eliminator, and stain remover available when you begin puppy training or house training your dog.

Eliminate ODORS!!

Our environmentally safe Super Dijest-It Septic System Digesters, and Pet Odor Eliminator products use a combination of highly concentrated liquid bacteria plus added enzymes for natural and effective cleaning and deodorizing.

Nature's Way is the best way!

Heavy duty applications include septic systems, holding tanks in RVs and boats, drain maintenance, and grease Pet Odor Eliminator. These highly concentrated, liquid bacterial digestant products attack organic waste and odors wherever they occur. The combination of bacteria cultures, enzymes, and nutrients promote the quick decomposition of waste in a safe and environmentally correct manner.

Saves you money with each application!

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